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FOR people in various difficulties (risk of addiction, exclusion due to psychological problems and / or national origin) we maintain 2 shared apartments with a total of 5 places for men and women. We offer accompanied living and working with individually agreed goals.

Duration from 3 months to an indefinite period.

Time-outs for reorientation are possible from 2 weeks to 3 months.

The team consists of a specialist in the social field (social pedagogy, etc.), formerly affected persons and all-rounders. We work closely with the external help network of the person affected (doctor, social worker, etc.) or try to build it up.

We promote an abstinence-oriented lifestyle with the development of our own resources. A simple lifestyle in the midst of untouched nature and the offer of communal life help us to do this.

FOR people who have become tired in their normal everyday life, we offer sabbaticals in our guest house, depending on their needs, connection to community (meals, practical activities), excursions, opportunities for discussion and pastoral care.

FOR lonely people in our villages and to promote new life, we have a work assignment from our local church in Montieri. We maintain small green spaces, plant geraniums, maintain seating and railings, and take part in cleaning up alleys and squares. We integrate disadvantaged people from the area and carry the "salt" of our community outside.

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